Tony scoffed. “Have you really got to ask me that, Chelle?” He smirked and leaned back in the seat of the car. “Drinks.” He hadn’t really been out partying for a while, maybe once or twice since leaving Bristol. It just didn’t appeal to him - not without the gang anyway. Where was the point? Sure he had mates over at Uni and they were good to invite around for a smoke, but otherwise it was just pointless. They were dull compared to the motley crew he had back in Bristol.

Michelle rolled her eyes “Well I wasn’t sure if you wanted to drop the bags off somewhere first and freshen up” She said as she continued to drive. there were a few girls that she partied with back at York, but none of the parties compared to the ones that she had back in Bristol. After a short drive, Michelle was pulling into a parking lot of one of the bars that the gang used to frequent a lot. She shrug off the car and looked over at Tony “Ready to relive our glory days?” She said joking with him

Tony unbuckled and got out of the car with an almost arrogant smirk. He was getting quite a bit of his youth back just from being at one of the old haunts and seeing all the familiar sights. It was like a trip back in time. 
  “These are our glory days, Nips,” he replied, shutting the car door and striding over to the door to hold it for her. The music was loud and there were tons of people inside, he almost forgot for a second that he had left at all and he was ready to call Sid from over his shoulder to find them a bit of spliff, before he realised exactly how much time had passed.