“Seven” She said shaking her head “Close though Tony.” She smiled at him as she pulled out of the parking spot. She listened to him agree to the idea of the apartment. She looked over at him when she was at a stop light “I knew you would like the idea” Celle said before she started driving again “So you mum’s, my mum’s or right out for drinks?” She questioned.

Tony scoffed. “Have you really got to ask me that, Chelle?” He smirked and leaned back in the seat of the car. “Drinks.” He hadn’t really been out partying for a while, maybe once or twice since leaving Bristol. It just didn’t appeal to him - not without the gang anyway. Where was the point? Sure he had mates over at Uni and they were good to invite around for a smoke, but otherwise it was just pointless. They were dull compared to the motley crew he had back in Bristol.

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