”Never going to stop calling you that,” he told her, grinning, “Nips.” Tony really missed saying that. They’d only talked on the telephone maybe four times since, so he was really going to abuse the power of the nickname ‘Nips’. That might just be his favourite word, he reasoned. 

 Tony loaded his trunk into the boot of the car before slamming it shut. “I might stay with Mum. I discussed it with her, but Effy’s got my old room so I don’t know if I’m keen on seeing the damage she’s done to it. Mum and Dad have split and he’s living with family in Kent, so I can’t stay with him. Might try to hit up, like, Cassie or Anwar or someone.” 
  He ducked into the car, almost hoping she’d invite him to stay where she was. They could catch up, and his cock was working again. Not like that bit mattered in the situation… No, it definitely mattered, who was he trying to fool?

Michelle shook her head at him, rolling her eyes. “Of course not, why would I even ask?” She shook her head. The two of them got to her car as she listened to him. “Well, I’m staying with my Mum..and her new husband” She told him “And I’m going to look for an apartment or something tomorrow” She told him pushing her hair behind her ear.

As Michelle buckled up and started the car before looking at him “What if we find an apartment, and split the rent?” She smiled a little bit. Michelle thought the idea was good. It not like they haven’t spent days on end with each other, and they had seen each other nude. Nothing would be new. “What do you say about that?” She smiled as she looked over at him.

"What’s this? Husband number… six?" Tony guessed as he buckled up, smirking a bit. He knew all about Michelle’s mother and her various husbands. He and Sid used to try to bet on how long one would last. Of course Tony won. Tony always wins.

"Split the rent?" He echoed, mulling this thought over in his head. It actually wasn’t such an awful idea. A nice flat somewhere might be good for the two of them. Partying would certainly be more frequent, rather than waiting for someone’s parents to leave the house for a bit. "Deal."