Michelle shook her head, as she hugged him back tightly “When are you going to stop calling me that” She giggled. Celle could still smell the same cologne she remembered form college. She was happy to have him back now, it was going to be keeping him around.

“Yeah, why? It reminds me of this guy I used to know,” She smirked up at him shaking her head slightly “I don’t want a new one.” She said softly “This one is just perfect” She smiled before taking his carry on bag “Well lets get going, ‘fore I get a ticket on my car” Michelle said to him “Are you staying at your parents house?” She questioned, as she thought of the fastest way out.

   ”Never going to stop calling you that,” he told her, grinning, “Nips.” Tony really missed saying that. They’d only talked on the telephone maybe four times since, so he was really going to abuse the power of the nickname ‘Nips’. That might just be his favourite word, he reasoned. 

 Tony loaded his trunk into the boot of the car before slamming it shut. “I might stay with Mum. I discussed it with her, but Effy’s got my old room so I don’t know if I’m keen on seeing the damage she’s done to it. Mum and Dad have split and he’s living with family in Kent, so I can’t stay with him. Might try to hit up, like, Cassie or Anwar or someone.” 
  He ducked into the car, almost hoping she’d invite him to stay where she was. They could catch up, and his cock was working again. Not like that bit mattered in the situation… No, it definitely mattered, who was he trying to fool?

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