Michelle had been driving back home from University, happy to be back in Bristol. She missed her mom, who had another new husband now, who Michelle still didn’t approve of, but she knew her mother would move on again. She was unpacking a few things back into her room as she knew it was getting closer to time to drive to the airport and pick up Tony. 

The one thing that Michelle couldn’t wait for. To see Tony again. It had been months, and Michelle was excited to see her. Even after dating two other guys at York, there was something about them…they weren’t Tony. Michelle knew she wouldn’t be able to get over Tony. Remembering back in college when she tired to by dating Sid…and she remembered how that went and shook it from her mind “Happy thoughts ’Chelle” She muttered to herself as she fixed her top and jeans. Michelle picked up the watch that Tony had gotten her for her birthday a few years back. She looked at the back of it smiling seeing the forever. She locked it on her left wrist, grabbed her keys and bag and went outside to her car.

The drive to the airport was long and boring, listing to some new song she had recently put on her ipod as she tapped her fingers to the beat of the music. After about an hour or so, and right on time, Michelle parked the car getting out heading to the front entrance as she got the text from Tony and smiled.

“Well I’m out front where are you?”

She texted him back quickly before looking around for a moment, before her eyes fell on the back of his head. The soft brown hair and the built, she knew it was Tony. She walked over to him and tapped his shoulder “Hey Tony” She said softly and sweetly to him.

Tony was pleased that she had texted him back so soon. He could always count on Michelle to be a speedy texter, unless she was pissed. If she took a while to text him back, he knew she was cross with him and that he better not do anything more to upset her. Which only used to prompt him to make her more upset. For laughs, and to show off the power he had over her. It was a good feeling. He had dropped that habit, though. For the most part, anyway. Sometimes he’d get manipulative, but only when needed. Old habits die hard.
  He smiled down at the text before replying. "Out front. Can’t you tell me apart from the rest of the Bristol knobs?" 

  “Nips!” He said with a shout when he turned to face her and pull her into a tight one-armed hug. He nearly dropped his trunk in the process. It had been much too long. She still wore the same perfume, he noticed. And the watch on her wrist was also incredibly familiar. 
  “You still wear that thing?” Tony asked her after pulling away and grabbing her hand to have a look at aforementioned watch. “That was so long ago. You could have just gotten a new one.”

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